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About CIG Financial Services

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Our Beginnings

CIG Financial Services was founded in 1984 to provide basic wealth management services to the local community including financial planning and insurance. Our original location was a very humble, two-room office in south Archbold with one advisor and one staff member.

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Vision, Growth & Expansion

Building on the foundation established in the 1980’s, CIG’s vision was to become the premier financial services firm in the tri-state region. We recognized the need for a firm capable of delivering fully diversified and institutionally driven wealth management solutions. Our vision led us to expand and occupy a beautiful office space in downtown Archbold. We now have a team of fully equipped, highly specialized professionals consisting of 6 advisors and 9 staff. Paralleling the growth of our office, we have also expanded the number and location of client relationships beyond Archbold, now serving over 1,200 households across 23 states.

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Presently Focused - Future Minded

Today, CIG continues to grow and remains dedicated to providing the customized solutions our clients have come to appreciate and expect. Propelled by our vision, CIG has partnered with some of Wall Street’s top talents to form 724 Capital LLC., a registered investment advisor with the SEC. Our partnership with 724 Capital provides CIG the freedom to put clients’ well-being first and maintain a commitment to fiduciary standards.

Through 724 Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, CIG has access to a team of exemplary research analysts and CFAs whose jobs are to constantly monitor and research markets and investments. This is an invaluable tool for CIG and will ultimately benefit our clients and their individualized investment solutions.

724 Capital also provides CIG access to the most advanced operating systems and data in the industry that we now can make available to you through our customized communications. CIG is committed to not only maintaining our high standards for service, but continuing to strive for excellence in how we serve and meet the financial needs of our clients.